direcTV DVR with My Book DVR expander

I just bought a WD My Book AV DVR expander because the store AND the box said this product was compatible with my DirecTV DVR HR 20 unit, and would “quickly and easily” add 120 hours of HD storage to my DVR… the remedial instructions inside the box only showed how to plug it into the wall, and connect to my DirecTV DVR, which I did in about 30 seconds… no prob… but when I turned on my Plasma TV and my DirecTV DVR box, nothing seemed to have changed, no added memory, no more available storage space, no “on screen menu” that the 3 step remedial WD instructions “kinda” showed should come on my TV screen after I hooked everything up… how can I get this thing to work ? The light comes on, it’s hooked up correctly… I already called the WD “tech” and he said that he had actually never seen or used the product and was “not familiar” with it… some great hire, huh ? I called DirecTV and of course they said they can only help me with their products and this WD tech  was not doing his job… I agree ! Can anyone out there help me to start using my new WD DVR expander ? Thanx !

1>  You’re in the wrong forum.

2>  Try rebooting your DirecTV box.

Thanx Tony, I’ll try that… BTW, which forum should I be in ?

The WDTV Mini and DVR Expander forum, HERE.

You were close, it’s the one “Next Door” to this.  :)

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