DVR Expander not recognized

My 500gig Epander was used with a TiVo HD. When that box quit working unexpectedly, I configured the Expander for a Samsung Time Warner HD box…at least I thought I did.  Now neither box will recognize the Expander.  Is there any way to take it back to factory conditions so that I can configure for the TiVo?


My TIVO cannot recognize MyBook AV DVR expander

WD tech support  advises that TIVO will be issuing a new firmware update - 11.08H - in about two weeks that should correct the problem.  I will wait before I return the 1TB WD MyBook AV expander.  Tivo tech support also mentioned that the WD 500GB MyBook, which failed for me after about two years, had been failing after about two years for several users.  As a result, Tivo removed the 500GB WD expander from their store.