WD Drive Utilities

The WD Drive Utilities contains a warning not to close the app during the erase operation or the drive will be damaged?  Can accidentally clicking the Close button or the Red X cause physical damage to the firmware or just damage the file system until the drive is reformatted?  The Close button and Red X does not turn gray during the erase operation.


It will damage the file system on the drive and you would have to initialize the drive once again if you close the process.

Does the WD Drive Utilities disable the close button during erase so it cannot be closed except by force closing through task manager?  What’s the difference if the drive is formatted using WD Drive Utilities or formatted natively via the operating system?  Also why does it ship as MBR by default even on 4TB drive?

The WD drive utilities does not gray the button out, meaning that you will be able to close the application while formatting.

Formatting the drive using the OS is basically the same as using the application, just simpler as you dont have the options to change the allocation size nor the file system.

It shouldn’t be shipped as MBR passed 2 TB as you will not be able to access the extra size as only drive with partition table in GPT are capable of using the full size passing 2 TB.

The WD Drive Utilities reformats the drive back to MBR on my 4TB My Book Drive for compability with XP.  The fsutil ntfsinfo command shows the drive as 4096 bytes per sector and 4096 bytes per physical sector.