WD Drive utilities Update Error (500)

Hi never had a problem before but now when I try to see if my Passport ultra needs an update it throws up an error message:

The remote sever returned an error (500): Internal server error

I have open an support case but I thought I’d check on here in case someone else had had this issue and managed to solve it.

I have updated firmware etc manually and everything seems up-to-date.

The only thing that is different on my pc is the Windows Anniversary Update went through last night from 1511 to 1607


You do not need WD Drive Utilities in order to use your WD Passport Ultra. The WD Drive Utilities application itself may need to be reinstalled or updated for Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Edition, but your unit should work fine when connected.

If needed, try installing the app directly from WD’s site after uninstalling the base version from Programs and Features in the control panel.

Thank you!

Update: This is all sorted & fixed now. Manual updates will suffice. Also the issue seems to have been a 24hr glitch as it has resolved itself lol