WD Drive Unlocker

Just wanted to vent. I will never buy another WD hard drive after all the hassles concerning their “Smartware”. Amazingly stupid to force the consumer to use all this software on an external hard drive and the powers that be continue to ignore the uproar. My money goes elsewhere.

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Well i restored my pc and lost the unlocker program that installed on initial plug in…so long story short can’t find the unlocker program for my passport

My WD drive unlock.exe file disappeared when I had to replace my current WD My Book because it was defective.
I can unlock my drive, but I would like to have the WD drive unlocker show in my navigation pane for convenience.

Does anyone know where I can get the download of WD drive unlock.exe, specifically?

I have a My Book external HD 4TB using Windows 10 Pro.


did you ever get a solution to this?

No, but it doesn’t matter now. There is no point in having a Community support if the question isn’t answered in a few day.