WD drive detect in disk utility but not in finder and desktop

I bought WD my passport portable 2TB hard drive 1 year ago.
It was running smooth and I use it for time machine backup and store important documents and photos.
However, the WD portable not able to show on the desktop yesterday.
I use it properly. I am using MacOS Mojave.
I can tell the disk is running and the LED indicator light is on.
It can be shown on disk utility like the image below.
It does not appear the correct hard disk name and the used capacity (which should be used 1.7TB).
It cannot be mounted on desktop even i click the ‘mount’ button on disk utility.

And I am not able to run first aid on disk utility.

I am very worry on this situation as I cannot recover 1.7TB of data.
Those files is very important to me.
Any way I can recover the data.
Thank you very much for your help.

You can try to connect the drive with different USB port of the computer or try to access the drive using different Mac computer to isolate the issue. You can follow the instructions given in the link mentioned below to troubleshoot for the issue.


In the first screenshot; try to press the Mount button when you select the disk2s2. Good if that works.

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Are you able to use TimeMachine Backup to see if it can see the device and restore your files?