Not able to mount hard drive!

Unable to mount my WD hard drive! Shows up in disk utility but will not open??? I have seen numerous other people post about this with NO SOLUTION???!! HELP PLEASE


Try to verify or repair the drive using disk utility.

Check this link for more information.

How to test a drive for defects or problems on a Mac 

this worked for me…

    1. Run "Activity Monitor” first and then plug in the problematic HD. Notice a program called “fsck_hfs” suddenly starts up using alot of CPU power.

    2. Highlight this file and in the window that opens up, click on the “quit" icon.

    3. The HD suddenly shows up on your desktop as usual and a window opens up saying that the drive is unrepairable, BUT you can copy/recover files off it and save to another drive. Breathe a HUGE sigh of relief and away you go!!!