WD Discovery crashing Windows 10 File Explorer when syncing to WD Cloud Home


First of all, sorry if this topic should better be in a software cathegory, feel free to move it there if that is the case.

I have a WD My Cloud Home at my home and I have installed The WD Discovery software in my work PC that I have in a different network. I am configuring one folder that contains my Outlook PST file that is ~500MB to be synced with the WD My Cloud Home, to have it as backup and not lose all emails if my SSD dies, ransomware, etc.

My SSD is an NVME one that works very well until, with that configuration, WD Discovery is running and trying to sync the file. Apps like notepad, paint, firefox and so crash when using “Open” or “Save” when it has to show you the directories, even before doing the opening or saving. Any reading or writing to files gets the application will basically crash.

This doesn’t happen with other syncing services such as Dropbox, which leads me to believe that it might be a problem with the way the Syncing is programmed. Maybe the Windows API call could be done in another way or using another call to not overwhelm the SSD.

Do you think the issue could be on my side? I am open to try and test what you might need me to.



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It seems that computer is disconnecting from My Cloud server due to this sync service is not going to respond. You can try to check after re-installing of WD Discovery app from computer or after the power cycle of My Cloud Home.

I have already reinstalled the WD Discovery app, and when W10 is showing the File Explorer problems WD discovery works well, showing me the device active and searchable.

It seems weird that it’s my local data access that fails and not the app that shows the other device.

Now I have marked as unsync the folder containing only my Outlook PST file and it works correctly. However, this is not the expected behavior and usage, because this backup is very important to me. I would like to know or help find if this is a WD software issue that will be worked on.

Same problem…

Same problem

WD products are the worst … within the whole universe.

Similar fix as for MCH. A separate fix involves SystemDefaultTlsversions registry.

same problem here using windows 11 wd discovery crash explorer at any time i have to quit the app to regain proper file explorer functionality