WD Dashboard running slow!

Brand new Windows 10 install. Installed WD Dashboard I ran it, it said there was a firmware update for my brand new WD Blue SA510 2.5". It updated to Firmware 52020100. I restarted the computer.

Ever since then, I run Dashboard it loads to a gray screen with “Loading”. It sat there for a few minutes then eventually loaded. Then I select the TRIM option, then it sat there at “Loading” again for a long time until I ended the task.

I restarted the computer, same thing. I reinstalled Dashboard, same thing. The computer works great otherwise, very fast boot now that it has an SSD. So it seems to be a problem with Dashboard trying to read my drive now. Any hope for a fix in the future?

Well, it seems to be working better now, I just kept rebooting and trying again and again. Very flaky software. I’ve always liked the old software, it ran a lot faster and I was able to download it for offline use.

Hi @MrTom ,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

Well that computer is out of the shop already. I have a feeling it was somehow related to the software accessing your website. There may have been a hickup in accessing one of your servers. Since I believe every time you run the software it has to go out to your server and send all kinds of information to your database. Why couldn’t the software just be standalone and not have to go out send my information to your server? Either way I can’t help you anymore, I just wanted to make a note of it in case others are running into this too. Thanks.

The software doesn’t send any of your information to the server. It does refresh configuration information every boot though to get an updated list of supported drives, etc.

If there is no network most features will actually still work, using the data from the past run or that the release was shipped with. Firmware update is one of the ones that will not though because the binary is fetched from the server.

You can download a standalone (no network) installer from the support site, but that won’t change the app behavior once installed. You’ll find the link under “Additional Support” on the download page if you scroll down from the main download button.