Lots of problems, lately


My problems started with the same issues others on Windows 10 are reporting: can no longer browse to the drive using \drivename\sharename, as I’ve been able to do for years. I’d go through some of the fixes found here and it would work briefly, but there’d be a different problem, next time.

Now I’m noticing issues with accessing the UI/dashboard – it’s just REALLY slow.

So I thought - let’s update the firmware. The firmware won’t load. I can’t do a manual or other method firmware update. Nothing happens.

What’s going on ? Is the software for this drive causing it to slowly go out of function? That’s kind of what it feels like. Does WD read these forum posts? I have important data on this drive and, because it’s the biggest drive I own, no easy way to back up the data on this drive.


More information is needed. What firmware version My Cloud do you have? First gen v4.x or second gen v2.x single bay/single drive My Cloud?

Has anything changed recently on the local network? New broadband provider, new router, etc.

Is the problem confined to one computer or mobile device or is the issue happening to all local network devices.

When it comes to slow Dashboard, have you tried using a different web browser? Some security software/malware/antivirus software may impact web page loading. Same goes for browser extensions/add-ons. There are some that may impact loading the Dashboard.

This is mostly a user to user support forum. If you want/need dedicated WD support then contact them directly via the WD Support link at the top of the page and open up a troubleshooting case with them. Rarely do actual WD Staff respond to posts these days in this subforum.


Not a Window person, but have you tried using the IP address instead of the drivename \\Public? It may be an issue with your network or with changes to Windows that may have affected how you connect.