Wd cloud home duo is not recommended

This product is a total fkup product that i spend $400 on it just for inconvience and many more. I didnt expect that wd have such a downgrade i have been trusting them for years till i get this new product that make my entire life miserable because i have spent my savings on something that it didnt show a good quality product as there is no dashboard , creating of files and linking it to the window file explore. I will never buy this product in my life ever again. Pls get a nas or something not the wd cloud home duo as it is lack of alot of features that yall might need it or find it useful. DO NOT BUY THIS THINK TWICE BEFORE U GET THIS PRODUCT . I wrote this because alot of people didnt write reviews about this product so i got this product and i regret it so badly. I WISH I CAN REWIND TIME AND DIDNT PURCASE THIS HORRIBLE PRODUCT MADE BY WESTERN DIGITAL . LACK OF FEATURES AND EVERYTHING also make my data lost due to the disk corruption ! FML

Is so annoying i swear