Reviews about WD CLOUD HOME DUO 4TB

This is some bad storage i swear i didnt help me in anyway. When i bought it have disk corruption. Secondly, wd make the product even worst than before it didnt have dashboard for u ton control the cloud and there is very limited things to do in the settings. Finding this storage is not as easy as u think. WD discovery always log me out , so if i have to manage the things inside i must always login to the wd discovery in order to access that is very ■■■■■■■ troublesome. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT RECOMMENDED GET A NAS OR SOMETHING IM SO PISSED THAT I SPEND MY SAVINGS GETTING THIS PIECE OF ■■■■ AND I COULDNT GET A REFUND SO I PLEASE YALL NOT TO GET THIS PRODUCT IS NOT WORTH THE MONEY

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