WD Caviar Green: POST hangs detecting AHCI drive, can't boot up

I have a brand new WD Caviar Green 2TB drive with Windows 7 64-bit that’s working fine in IDE mode. I want to switch to AHCI mode since it’s faster and has more features like hot plugging. (Windows 7 supports switching from IDE to AHCI mode as explained here http://support.microsoft.com/kb/922976)

Unfortunately, if I set AHCI in the BIOS, then the computer hangs trying to detect AHCI port 0 with this drive. It hangs for 10+ minutes and won’t even get past the booting-up stage. I’ve never had this problem with any other drive. I have drives several years old that work fine with AHCI.

Is there something wrong with my Green drive? Does it just not support AHCI?

The green drives don’t seem to support much of anything. Not to be negative, but I’ve seen a few threads here from green owners asking why the drives can’t do this or that. They seem to be the lowest end HD WD offers.

( I don’t actually know, just going from other threads. )