WD Caviar Green 2T dead?

I can’t access my Caviar Green disk (WD20EARS).

System sees it at Boot but Boot time takes much longer than earlier.

System starts loading OS (Windows 7 professional) but gets stuck at windows logo and never manages to load Windows.

Have tried disconnecting all HDDs except problem disk and booting up with Knoppix CD. Knoppix also get stuck during loading and if I disconnect Caviar Green disk Knoppix resumes loading and starts Knoppix normally.

If anybody in the forum has any suggestion about solving this I’ll be most grateful as at the moment I feel that the garbage bin is probably the only solution left.


Hi, you can use the DLG boot disk to write zeros, if that doesn’t work there is not a lot you can do.


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Thanks for the help but I’m not able to test your proposed methode as I went back to the store wher I bought it and lo and behold they RMA’ed at once giving me a new Cavia Green disk!!!

Still thanks agian for your help and I’ve book maked the tip because I think it may come in handy sometime in the future.

Regards a gratefull affebaff.

Ps Sorry about the delay in replying to your post but have been away for some days and only got back this morning.