Using 3TB Caviar Green Disk (WD30XXX)


First of all, i’ve searched for this i suppose normal question, but wasn’t lucky.

I’m the happy new user of a caviar green 3TB hard disk, it’s impressive the low noise and heat emitted from the unit. I have assembled it in a new barebone, Shuttle SH67H3. In BIOS, sata it’s set to AHCI mode (i can choose between IDE, AHCI and RAID).

My problem, is that windows 7 installer, or windows 7 itself, once installed (windows ultimate 64 bits), don´t let me creating a partition for the entire disk capacity, it´s limited to 2,19TB. So, now i have a 735GB not used space in the disk that i can’t use for a new partition, or for merging it with the existing one.

Is there any special driver to load, or disk utility or something for this problem?

Thanks !!

Oppss, duplicated post. Please delete the other one ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, as i’m reading, a solution could be converting the disk to GPT format, but as far as i know it would make the disk non-bootable, and the system only is equipped with this hard drive…

Is anyone else having problems even getting these drives to show up? I recently purchased one for my HTPC running Windows 7 x64 on an Asrock n-68 UCC board. Firstly when I plugged it in, it would only show 746.36GB, so after much googling I really didn’t seem to find any answers. Have installed Asrock’s 3TB unlocker program which did nothing, then after playing around I accidentally set the drive to a “dynamic” drive in the Disk Manager, after which I decided to put it back to a basic one, and then… now my drive doesn’t come up at all - also with Easeus Partition Manager.

Surely I haven’t killed it by doing those two things? What have other people done to even have them show up at 3TB? Is it likely to just be a motherboard driver issue? I also have the latest BIOS drivers.