WD blue 320GB on VT8237 chipset


I’m planning on buying a WD caviar blue 320GB HDD for an older pc of mine but I want to be sure it will work on that motherboard. It is an ASRock P4VT8+ with the VIA® PT800 + 8237 chipset. I know this chipset doesn’t support autonegotiation so I need to put the WD caviar in SATA-I mode. And I heard some rumors that the chipset has a maximum harddrive capacity. So I like to be sure it supports the WD cavair blue 320GB in SATA-I mode.

I’m hoping you can give me an good answer to that becourse WD support doesn’t answer at all.

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WD hard drives work on almost any motherboard. However to be sure you would need to call Asus and verify, as some motherboards require specific features. If nothing is mentioned you should be good to go.