WD Backup Thinks My Passport Ultra is

I purchased two 2 Tb My Passport Ultra drives.  I installed the software utilites and  backed up my entire drive C to one of them without any problem.  (I’m running Windows 8.1)  I shut down the laptop, removed the My Passport Ultra and connected the second drive.  I can see the second drive in Explorer, and can copy files to it without any problem.

However, when I try to run WD Backup to make another backup it says My Passport Ultra is offine.  (The WD Backup software is version 1.1.5574)  I tried registering that second drive, tried rebooting, but no matter what I do the WD Backup software still thinks the drive is offline.

I then shut down the laptop, replaced the drive with my first one and had no problem running the WD Backup software.  Shutting down againm replacing drive #1 with the second drive and WD Backup still doesn’t see it. 

Does anyone have idea why both drives appear fine to Windows 8.1, and can be read and written to, yet only one can be seen by WD Backup?

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Are you able to share the exact model numbers for those 2 WD Passport Ultra drives? Even though they are named “WD Passport Ultra”, older generation drives use WD SmartWare as opposed to WD Backup. 

I’m not sure where one finds the model numbers.  If they can be extracted from the serial numbers, here they are:

the ‘bad’ drive has S/N [[DELETED]]

the ‘good’ drive has S/N [[DELETED]]

Belarc Advisor also displays ‘rev 1012’ after each of these serial numbers.

The backs of the drive cases have identical codes, other than the S/N.  

They both have  P/N: WDKDBB0020BBK - 05    07168   R/N:  D8B  BBABFA

Hope this helps…

So these are 2TB WD Passport Ultra drives, and one is not working with WD Backup. What happens when both hard drives are connected at once to your computer?