Windows backup to multiple My Passport 2tb usb drives

I have 2 2tb My Passport drives of same model.

I use windows backup to backup approximately 1.4 tb each night.

I rotate between the drives each night.

The o/s is windows server 2008 r2.

Windows backup recognizes that they are different drives though they are of the same model and same drive letter when I rotate them.  Windows seems to be picking up on the identifier which seems to be about 50 characters long.

Once I rotate the drives, If I go into the windows backup it shows the drive from the previous night as being off-line (which is correct), so I have to go in and set up the backup again going to the newly rotated in drive.

Is there a way to clone or set up the drives so that windows backup will not recognize they are different devices?  Or so that I don’t have to go into windows backup each day and set up the backup again?

I appreciate any assistance I can get.


Hello there and welcome to the WD community.

I have not tried this, lets see if another user can share some information and tips on this matter.