Multiple drives: how to get Windows to recognize them

Using Windows 7 and have 2 Passport drives (1 Ultra) without problems. The Ultra I have on automatic backup and the regular Passport is just being used like a big flash drive. I recently purchased a 6tb MyBook and it seems as if my computer will not recognize it. Well it does, as it shows up in My Computer with a separate drive letter. Yet when I set it up for automatic backup, as the Ultra, it doesn’t respond. I’ve tried unplugging the Ultra, which hasn’t changed anything. From what I am able to get out of different things I’ve read, it seems as if the computer sees them as the same drive. How do I remedy this to get both drives backing up automatically?

If you are using a new WD My Book then it may not be compatible with your WD My Passport Ultra’s backup software (WD SmartWare). The new WD My Book uses WD Backup instead, which you can install from the following link:

Seems worse than I originally thought. To download the new software fragments the old and puts a hybrid of both on the computer. So now it has rendered all drives non-operational. And strangely no matter which software I try to re-download… it will only reinstall the same strange hybrid and won’t return either software to its original configuration. I thought to just wipe all versions from my computer but was afraid of what that would do to the 3tb of info on my old Ultra drive. Frustrating…