WD Backup does not recognize My Passport on new Windows 10 computer

My Windows 7 computer cratered and I have now bought a new Windows 10 computer. I plugged in My Passport to restore all my data, and Windows recognizes it, but the WD Backup software doesn’t. When I open it, it tells me that I have no files to restore. I can access the files on My Passport via Windows Explorer but, of course, there are multiple versions of backed-up files so I can’t just use the copy function; I need to use the WD Restore function.

I’ve searched this Community help forum to find an answer, and although there are similar issues, I haven’t found one that’s quite the same. I’m new to the forum, so perhaps I don’t know how to search properly, but all my data is on this back-up and I need to figure out how to restore it. I’d appreciate any help!

WD Backup shows no files because it understands no files belong to the current computer. Do yo seen an option named “Select Files to Restore” in the lower-right section of the Restore tab?

Yes, but it’s greyed-out. The only option that I have is “Close”.