Wd 2tb passport not picking up unles unplugged and plugged back in to media player

I hope someone has found a solution to this. I have a wd tv live media player which works perfectly with my other harddrives. I just bought a new wd passport drive and it picks up if I plug it in after the media player has booted up.

When I switch the media player off and on again with the drive plugged in then it doesnt pick up the drive at all and I have to unplug and plug it back in. None of my other drives behaves this way. Any thoughts???

Im not on any network or sharing. The hdds are plugged in dierectly into the player. I have tried to plug into different ports. Reset the player. No difference.

What is the current file format of your new My Passport which is being unrecognized after bootup of WD TV Live Media Player?

Ntfs. My other drives are all ntfs also portable 2tb seagate drive

I have never encountered this in the many years i used to use WD TV’s

Personally, i would not only try reformatting it NTFS, but also Re-Partitioning the Hard Drive as well. Select MBR for 2TB or Less Hard drives (in case there’s a conflict there) *

Aso, i would try a different USB Cable to eliminate that as the cause.