WD 16TB My Cloud EX2 Ultra 2-Bay Cloud Storage Server

Hello Dears,

We are production house i want to use mycloud for uploading and stream videos to clients and give them access also i want to add external usb ports and add externals maybe 8 or 16 each one 6TB so my question is can i use mycloud like we transfer ? send links and if the customer download 2 TB download speed depends on my network??

I need a solution please

For a business environment one may want (really should) to look into more full featured NAS devices that have a more mature operating system and much better hardware. Will a My Cloud Ex2 Ultra do what you ask? Likely yes, with some possible limitations. There are better NAS devices and or rack file severs out there that are more appropriate for business environments and video production companies than the My Cloud EX2 Ultra.

There are specific subforum for the My Cloud EX2 Ultra.

OS3 My Cloud EX2

OS5 My Cloud EX Series

Really the My Cloud EX2 Ultra and other lower end, lower cost, My Cloud devices are really designed for; home, home office, and very small and very light business use. Their hardware and firmware is limited compared to more expensive business or enterprise class devices.

One should, before buying a new unit or updating from OS3, read through the OS5 My Cloud EX Series link above to see the various issues EX Series users, including EX2 Ultra users, are experiencing with OS5.

One should also read through the OS5 User Manual to understand what the capabilities are of the OS5 operating system and its features and limitations are.

My Cloud OS 5 Online User Manual