Watching my movies off of my WD TV live hub media center

I have a WD TV Live Hub media center where all my movies resides, I recently bought a WD TV play and I want to watch the movies I have on the WD TV Live Hub Media center but it keeps telling me no Shared file on WDTV Live hub.  what can I do to fix this?  It even tells me on my ipad that there are no shared files. I use to be able to watch them on my ipad with the WD app not it says no shared files.  what am I doing wrong?

On the WDTV Live Hub …

Setup > Network Settings > DLNA Media Server > ON

On your PC …

Also double check the Twonky Server is Enabled.

Get your WDTV live hubs IP Address (Setup > About) and enter it into your browser (ie Firefox,Chrome etc )

password is :  admin

Tick i accept then login select " Media"  then Twonky Service = Enabled

I had already done the steps you described but it still says “no shared content” on the WDPlay device, it sees the wdtv live hub TwonkyServer but it says no shared content.