WDtv Live hub no longer working

First, let me say NOTHING has changed in my setup, so no clue why this is happening not sure if recent patch or what.

I have a WDTV live hub upstairs, and a wdtv player downstairs, the player downstairs can see the the live hub upstairs still but when i select it, it says “no content shared”  a week ago I could copy a file to the live hub and play it on the player downstairs now nothing works.  I have tried rebuilding the database, heck even i try reseting both devices to factory settings and nothing works.  Any help?

Are the files accesable directly on Hub?

Can Hub use your network and connect to internet?

yes i can play the movies directly on my hub no problem and I can connect to the internet and watch netflix on both devices fine.

How are you connecting to the Hub?   Via the WDTV’s “Media Server” connection, or “Network Share?”

on the player downstairs, I click the red button and select source, and click on media server then wdtvlivehub twonkymedia

Can I access to twonky web ui from your PC? Or WD Hub web ui?