Warranty Replacement

Has anyone else had problems getting their replacement hard drives. Here’s my time line:
22/01 I sent my WD RED 4TB to Western Digital.
25/01 Drive received
26/01 Drive marked up as shipped. New Hard drive serial number added

apparently it take UPS then 48 hours to add the tracking number

02/02 Friday (one week later). I raise the concern with a support ticket, which is replied to asking me to provide proof of posting?!
02/02 Friday night. I follow up with a phone call. I am given the excuse that it take 5-7 days before the drive is shipped. I am also asked again to provide the proof of shipping, even though the site quite clearly shows it has been received. I provide the signature.
02/02 I get an email from Maria saying 5-7 days blah blah and it will be looked into.
05/02 I find the ticket closed and still no tracking number or any response as to where the heck it actually is.

What is going on???
Where is my Hard drive???

Hello, simonbaines

Well, I have escalated the case to the RMA department one of the RMA representatives will be in touch with you soon.