VPN on MyCloud PR4100

Hi everybody…

I’m sorry but I’m a noob. I use my computer with Cyberghost VPN, and I’d like to configure my VPN for my PR4100 as well, but I don’t understand how to do it. Can somebody please help me with the basis of this? I would appreciate any help.


There are two kinds of VPN.

Outgoing: The (common) paid service is a connection you establish FROM a computer TO a VPN server. . . the connection is encrypted to keep prying eyes (the Feds and your ISP) from seeing what you are doing.

Incoming: A VPN connection that YOU establish between your computer (away from home) TO a VPN server on your network. This allows you to (1) have an encrypted connection between whatever dodgy location you are in (say; an airport) and to (2) have a connection to your home network; so that you can access devices on your home network.

These VPN types are different Cyberghost appears to be the first type (outgoing); and is not intended for you to access your home network while on the road.

*if you create a VPN connection to your home network this way; communication between your computer and whatever you are accessing on your network will be encrypted and hidden. If you establish this connection and surf the web; you communication TO your home network will be hidden by the snoops at the airport; but the ISP and the Feds will still be able to snoop your unencrypted traffic from your home network to the WEB. *