Virtual Memory on Caviar green? (WD20EARS)

Hi all,

I recently purchased a 2TB WD20EARS for backup purposes. I split the drive into 2 partitions, 1TB to backup all my other drives (took almost the entire 1TB to do so :slight_smile: ) and the rest (around 880GB left) for other things.

My setup is…


1TB WD1001FALS - Main drive - various partitions (100GB for main Win7 at beginning of drive). Rest = games, data.
2TB WD20EARS - backup drive and misc stuff (880GB free atm)
Seagate 320GB - Downloads, years of it :wink:

MAXTOR 200 - backups of my fav DVDs so I can watch them from the HD instead of searching for the DVD
MAXTOR 120 - others, small backups

Now, I decided to benhcmark my HDs to see which one was the fastest, and lo and behold, the WD20EARS is actually faster than the WD1001FALS (110MB/s for the 2TB, 100MB/s for the 1TB).

Since I usually place my Virtual memory file (pagefile.sys) on a separate physical HD, I am tempted to place it on the WD20EARS but my worry is that since it’s a Green Caviar, I’ve read that they tend to spin down to save energy when not used (regardless of the power management setup).


  1. Is it true that the Green Caviar will spin down if not in use after a short while?
  2. Would there be any other reasons to NOT use the green caviar for virtual memory purposes?

I do know they’re intended mostly for static storage purposes, but since it’s so fast (compared to my other ones), why not use it?

I really really appreciate any help on this… Thanks in advance :slight_smile:



Hi there, as far as I know:

1- Yes, it is actually an advertised feature of green drives.

2- A SSD would be better.

i would not change

may be faster but is only 5400 rpm

actually they work between 5400 and 7200 depending on the use at the moment

i dont know if this is true

because when im doing seek tests i get 20ms acess

if drive chenges is rpm like you say i should notice better seek times

i think its only maketing

Thx for the input all..

Ok, so they spin down after a while. Is this hard coded or is there a way to disable this “feature” :wink:

yea, I agree, but until I upgrade my setup to i7 Sandbridge, I’ll wait. 'till then I’m sure the prices will still go down (still on a budget) – although I read that because of the block erase and page write of the SSDs, it’s actually better to *not* put the pagefile.sys on them (been a while though… things might have changed since then).

again, thx all for the input



It is hard coded, theres no way of by-passing this,i have, a WD10EARS ,when im playing doom 3, Grid, or any other game that needs to read fast from the hdd it does beautifully.