Viewing Spare Capacity

Hi all!

I have just purchased and set up my new EX4100 unit with 4 x 4TB HDDs. I have configured these in RAID 2 so I have 8TB of total storage available and mirrored / backed up with a further 8TB.

I am planning on using 4TB for my business files (that will be backed up) and then another 4TB for my personal files (again backup up). I have uploaded a few files this afternoon and when I log into my Cloud dashboard it tells m I have a total of 7.62TB remaining.

Is there a way of viewing how much storage is available / used across ‘Volume 1’ (drives 1 & 2) and how much is available / used across ‘Volume 2’ (drives 3 & 4)?

In addition, is there any way or renaming the ‘Volume 1’ partitions, e.g, to ‘Personal Files’?

I really am not very technologically minded so please bear with me and ensure any answers are as basic as they need to be!!!

Appreciate anybodys help and assistance.

Many thanks.



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[quote=“phil_pritchard, post:1, topic:145999”]
Is there a way of viewing how much storage is available / used across ‘Volume 1’ (drives 1 & 2) and how much is available / used across ‘Volume 2’ (drives 3 & 4)?
[/quote] Since the unit is on a RAID configuration, the size will be shown as one unit.

You appear to be a prime candidate as someone who should have already downloaded the complete user manual for your EX4100.from WD Support at It is a must-have part of your new NAS containing basic and advanced info. You have only had the NAS for a day and you are already asking questions in the user forum?

Hi Mike, thank you for your reply.

Downloading the EX4100 manual was the first thing I did but I don’t believe it has the answers to the questions I posed unless I am missing something.

Personally I don’t see too much wrong with approaching a forum for help as these may have been questions raised by others in the past that somebody was willing to answer. I would like to think that I may be able to help others once I gather a bot more knowledge.

Glad you got the manual; many people do not.

Based upon my dual drive DL2100, set up as RAID 1, I see only one “drive” and space used for complete unit; not drives. A NAS is different than a hard drive, so they don’t act the same or work the same in many cases. The NAS does break down files storage used by media types and “other” on pie graph on Dashboard Home page.

Be sure to update original firmware as soon as possible.

Hi, just wanted to jump in as I have similar problem. I have 2 disks setup as JBOD to make sure to have 2 disks, but I can`t seem to access the second one. How can I do that?


I do not know since mine is set up RAID 1. Suggest you check the user manual mentioned below. Seems like a basic task that would be mentioned in there.

I didn`t find that information in the manual. I guess I should contact WD support regarding that problem, even I thought this was it.