Question about RAID 1 config and how it looks in Windows Explorer

It seems simpler to use RAID 1 - no complications in rebuilding, don’t mind losing the space.  I have a setup with 4, 4 TB HDs.  16 TB total.  EX4 is telling me I have about 8 TB free.

When I set up the RAID 1 config, it looks like the EX4 made two volumes Volume_1 and Volume_2, each with about 4 TB capacity.  Now that I’m transferring files over to it, it looks like they are going to Volume_1 (since the first two HD lights are blinking).  So I assume the same data is written in the first two HDs and nothing is written in the last two HDs.

So I assume when eventually I fill up Volume_1, Volume_2 will start to be used (which will be HDs 3 and 4).  When I look at the EX4 in Windows Explorer right now, it shows on 4 TBs total space.  So how will Windows Explorer display the free space when both Volumes are in use?

I think I answered this myself.  If I want to get files to the other two drives, it looks like I create another “Share” and specify volume_2.  I can then map that share to a different drive letter.

Sorry, I’m an extreme newbie at this.

Interesting to note you can only RAID 1 against two drives.

and you have to manually specify the share locations.  UGH!

You spent quite a bit of money getting into this setup, i’m curious to understand why not use more of the unit’s potential using RAID 5 maxamizing capacity w/ some redundency or even use all four drives as RAID 10?  

you wouldn’t have to specify share which volume you want the shares in… 

sgallant04 wrote:

Interesting to note you can only RAID 1 against two drives.


and you have to manually specify the share locations.  UGH!

That’s correct.   There’s no other “correct” way to do it. The RAID1 standard specificies exactly two disks.  No more, no less.

And yes, you have to specify which volume owns the share.  Otherwise you’d have no idea where your data reside.

what would you do w/ the extra set of drives.  RAID 0 no bennefit as the limitation is the gigabit port and switch.   JBOD or span?  

All those functions could have been done w/ much less expensive drive enclosures.  

the real benefit of this was either RAID 5 or 10, OR RAID 5 w/ Hot Spare.  

Does WDC make a 2-bay NAS with similar or the same features as the 16 TB EX4?  I have decided to use RAID 1 instead of RAID 5 and would prefer two 2-bay NAS.  If it would be cheaper or at least no more to do so (and have the same or better capabilities provided by the EX4), please point me in the right direction.

The My Book Live Duo can do RAID1 or SPANNING modes.   It’s not nearly as feature rich as the EX4 though…