Uverse Network Tip

Connect your WD TV Live to your Uverse set top box via Ethernet and run auto detect network setup.  Once complete you will see any NAS (Media Shares) on your network from the WD TV Live. 

Works great if your WD TV Live is not close to your primary network.  And save money because a wireless adapter is not required. 

I gotta hand it to WD this is the best gadget I’ve picked up for 2009.  Good job guys!


Awesome Tip Jayson!

Wish I would have read this post before I went and dumped $60 on a wireless stick for my WDTVLive. In anycase it will save me the money when I add a second WDTVLive to the bedroom (currently just one WD box in the living room). I am also going to try it on the PS3 in the basement. I may get a better connection vs the builtin wireless on the PS3. I am shocked that the uverse lan port allows this functionality.  Thanks again for the great find!

Tried as posted, but could only connect @ 13 mbps which stutters on 1080p (direct connect has no stutter @ 25+ mbps)

am I missing a step?