Using WD MBL to stream to samsung tv dlna-enabled


Out of all research I’ve done on the internet and wd forums, I still don’t get the most exact answer to my question,

Can MBL stream it to samsung tv dlna-enabled without ANY problems (no ff,rewind, no subtitle, etc) ??


I see that there are a few alternatives

  1.  Upgrading the oem twonky to ver 6 or 7 (but there is not fast forward and rewind)

  2. Using MiniDLNA, (but you have to compile it by yourself and it doesnt work for mkv)

please shed me a light on this

Very easy… see my post here… good luck!


How about subtitle?

In my case with a Samsung d8000 I have problems with subtitles (srt files) some times detect subtitles but if not then is not detected with any files I don’t know what is happen even if select one file than don’t show subtitles, the USB files than show subtitles stop working then I need to turn off TV and on again and then the USB subtitles start to work again. But if select the file from the My book than don’t show subtitles, then start over again. Really sad. All this with the DLNA server. with Twonky don’t show any subtitle and MKV files.