Subtitles not loaded

I have MBLD for about two months. I use it mainly for storage of my family pictures and video clips. I also use it as media server for music and movies. I mainly watch .mkv files on my Samsung C650 TV using the DLNA server of MBLD. Unfortunately neither with the previous nor with the current firmware is possible to watch external subtitles in .srt or .sub file format. The movie and the subtitles files are in the same folder with same file names.

I have not got any problems playing same movies on the same TV set using my PC DLNA server.

Please advise your experience is it possible to play the movies WITH subtitles directly from MBLD or we have to wait again for the next firmware.


Hi, I have seen that there might be a compatibility problem with the Samsung TV’s and the DLNA server on the MBLD. Check the threads on the link below for more info.

I do not think that the problem is applicable only for Samsung.

Please someone from WD advise if the MBLD has got the ability to stream subtitles from external files?

Hi there,

I have the same problem.

I use Allshare in my pc and subtitles are OK.

I use USB directly in TV and subtiltes are OK.

Can anyone from WD help?


Samsung TV


There is no official support for subitles via DLNA. That said, we have looked at how to support Samsung devices. They have their own method of playing subititles (which of course works with their Allshare program). We are still investigating this.

Other users with TVs from other brands, please advise if you have got problems with external subtitles?

I am using a LG TV 55LW5600. and no sub from DLNA.


After some days, I rebuild my MBLD and subtitles are ok in Samsung TV. Aparently there is a big diference and diferent players from AllShare and from DLNA.

In allShare you are able to put in fast forward, in DLNA you cant.

If you have this problem, maybe solution is rebuild you MBLD and reboot him.


Ricardo PT

Have you tried using the navigation keys to “fast forward” instead of the >> keys?