User access

I have a 2TB MyBookLive.
I transferred all my data to a new 8TB MyCloud.
I want a friend to have my MyBookLive, so reset the factory settings to erase old users etc.
I have created a User with a Private Share and no Password.
I can view the User name in Windows Explorer, however am unable to access the folder.
Is anyone able to assist as I have followed the steps detailed in the User Manual?

I’m not sure what “I can view the User name in Windows Explorer” means. Normally you would see the share, not the userid, in Windows Explorer. Then, when you try accessing that share you will be prompted for userid and password. What happens if you click on what you’ve referred to as the “User name” in Windows Explorer?

This may just be my own ignorance, but I’m not sure how Windows - actually, the Windows implementation of SMB - handles a remote user with no password.

By the way, do you also have a public share on that MBL? Windows allows only one set of credentials to be used for connections between a Windows user and a NAS device using SMB. That can be one public connection - no id and password - or one id and password. If the Windows user already has a connection to a public share on the device active, that same Windows user cannot start and SMB connection for a private share.

What happens when you try to acces the folder? If an error, post the exact text

Correct, I can view the User share, which is essentially the User ID.
When trying to access the share, it does prompt for a password, but as I have not entered one, nothing should be required.
Before resetting the device everything worked fine!
The Public share is accessible for me & others.
Never had an issue with accessing the Public and a Private folder from the same computer before.

See last post.

This is the error message:

‘\MyBookLive\Dave is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the Administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.
Multiple connections to a server or shared resource by the same user, using more than one user name, are not allowed. Disconnect all previous connections to the server or shared resource and try again.’

I am the administrator, but also have a Private share for myself.
I assume the second para refers to using two logins at once, which I didn’t think was possible?

Note that the restriction is not for a computer but for a single user.

This probably has nothing to do with your problem and is only a problem if you access the device by name rather than by IP address. Windows allows only one set of credentials for a userid/device_name pair.

What version of Windows are you running? In Windows 10 Microsoft tightened the restrictions on network credentials. I don’t know the details, but I think I heard that (from Window’s standpoint) a private share without a password is no longer required. I’ve also seem a circumvention described but I didn’t pay much attention because I have no private shares without passwords.

That may not be your problem, either, but if you are not yet on Windows 10 you may run into it in the future.

How about giving the share a dummy password - like “password” or the same as the userid? Then you will know you are not running into the Windows password restriction. When you give it to your friend just make sure you mention the password.

Okay, something weird.
I put in password & accessed my share without any problem.
Changed the password & still works!
I say weird as I initially had a password, before opting for none.
Am unable to access other shares…yet, but will see what occurs when I do so from other devices.
I thank you for your time & will make contact should further issues be detected.