Private user access error

hello, need help

just bought my mybook live about 3 month ago, everything is great when i just got a new router modem then i connect to it. it seem i cannot access my private user/folder it say this folder cannot be acces using multiple acces also the password and username wrong.

i just read throught the forum and found solution that they posted, like factory reset  and do use net/del. but alas nothing seem to work. i just delete all my work because of the factory reset . please help

thank you, sorry for the grammer mistakes. english is not my first language

The error message is telling you that you cannot connect to the same MBL using two different sets of credentials.

For example, you cannot connect via Public and then connect via Private as well.  This is a Microsoft limitation; not a limitation of the WD.

In order to connect to multiple shares, they must ALL use the same User ID and password.

thank for the help

so you are saying that i must make my private user password and username the same as the public or i must make my username and password the same as my windows passwords. that confuse me. thanks

No.  Generally you should connect to the private share first, and then the public. Public share doesn’t have credentials you can change.