Use to store Nest security cam video?

Is there any way to redirect the video from multiple cameras to Mycloud? The cameras are on-line and accessible on the PC that the Mycloud is attached to, plus on my cell thru a Nest app. The nest software senses motion and records bursts of video when needed,

You will have to check the Nest documentation to see if it supports saving streams/video to NAS devices like the single bay/single drive My Cloud (the subject of this subforum). Some security cameras support saving/uploading video via FTP. The single bay/single drive My Cloud generally does not pull streaming video from other devices by itself.

Some have indicated (in a quick internet search) that Blue Iris ( may be configured to pull video from Nest cameras and save them. Could be one would have to setup a second device to run the Blue Iris program so that program saves the video to the My Cloud.

Only other possible option, that again depends on what the security camera supports, is using some sort of script at the firmware level of the My Cloud to pull the data from the security camera. That would involve having to know scripting and the camera being able to be accessed by said scripting.

Generally these newer camera systems that store data on the “cloud” are not designed to save media on the local network. In some cases it might require hacking the camera’s firmware to load some other type of firmware OS to the camera to allow for such access or local network saving of media.