Best CCTV Camera for MyCloud Home


I am looking at buying some CCTV cameras for my home. As I already have a MyCloud Home, I would rather the footage is saved onto a folder on this drive rather than have a new dedicated hard drive.

I assume some sort of POE CCTV system will work, but I’m unsure on the software side of things.

Can anyone recommend the best home CCTV solution? I probably need no more than 2-3 cameras.

Many thanks - Chris

pretty sure that will not work…

Some cameras can record via FTP … but from what i understand, the My Cloud Home does not have FTP (the older My Clouds do)

Hi Joey, thanks for your reply.

Surely there must be a system that is compatible with the My Cloud Home? It can’t be the case that WD would release a NAS drive and not permit network attached devices such as CCTV to save to it?

I notice WD have a ‘readyview’ system but I can’t see any information on how to get it to work on the My Cloud Home? Has anyone had any success with this?

The My Cloud Home is not a traditional NAS … it’s a completely different type of product.

Because it’s not designed to be used with the My Cloud Home or the My Cloud for that matter.

It’s a complete system with IP POE (Interet Protocol Power Over Ethernet) Cameras and a NVR (Network Video Recorder) which has an internal 2TB Hard Drive for Recording.

You can’t plug IP POE Cameras into a My Cloud Home or a My Cloud.