IP webcam wont store to MY CLOUD HOME

I had a WD MY CLOUD that died recently. prior to that my 3 IP webcams wrote data directly to the NAS. easy setup and worked well. I bought a new MY CLOUD HOME but now cannot get it to work. i tried simply updating the IP address to the new MCH and updated the username/password - but no luck.
with such a limited dashboard control i cant see how to check basics like allowing FTP.
the mounted drives in WinExplorer show as “read only” altho i can create files on my PC and save to the folders so that doesnt appear to be the issue…
any ideas?

@dzinkin My Cloud Home does not support FTP, but you would probably store the content is the //Public Share if your camera support Windows Samba (SMB). It’s probably the User Private Space mounted using WD Discovery MyCloud.com Sign it that your IP see as “Read Only” because it uses a Call Back File System to mount the network drive (not a share) and your IP camera may not support CBFS.

i reviewed the support materials, but the public share space doesnt appear as “computer” but rather a sub of one of my computers (StudyPC)…
so unclear how this solves the issue of being able to write to an address from the IP Camera

@dzinkin this is probably due to Windows 10 having SMBv1/CIFS File Sharing disabled by default. To see the network share on Windows 10 in File Explorer, you’ll need to enable SMBv1/CIFS File Sharing.

Strange mine was already setup on my PC. I think this must have been when there was a similar problem with the DLink DNS320L that I had. The activating the DAV function on that model mucked up the links.

OK so mine are showing as OK but all I have access to is the public folder which I am not happy to add files to. I am using Genie 9 Timeline for my backups because I paid for it under my last unit not thinking that when I move to WD that it might not work and the solution is Arconis or some “FREE” 3rd party backup software that works with my particular model. When you go to the links you find that they really aren’t free but trialware. my problem is that I cant copy over 500 gb of data to my new drive because you cant copy over folders with upload or drag anf drop. Sorry but the mind boggles as t why such a backward model would be sold on the market to the public if it cant function properly.