CCTV camera recording onto mycloud

I have a 4TB mycloud, I am planning to install Swann CCTV cameras.
The mycloud and cameras will be on the same wifi network.
Can I directly record footage from my cameras onto the mycloud ? If yes, how?
Thanks, Ghania

I don’t think you can , they are designed to send a signal to DVR units , for recording images / video to a MyCloud , you’d need a camera with FTP protocols built in so it could log into the unit and upload the video / picture file to a share.

You will have to check the Swann system user manual to determine if the Swann system can save to a network attached storage device like the My Cloud. Often surveillance systems will allow for saving or uploading video by FTP. You can enable FTP on the My Cloud by enabling that option in the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings section.

Also you may want to read the My Cloud User Manual ( if you haven’t already to learn about the various features of the My Cloud and how to use them.


Thanks and makes sense, will do

Hi Ghania ,

May be you should check the Swann System user manual. Make sure that the WD My cloud and the Swann camera are on the same network. Moreover, for that you should have a WD Purple surveillance drives inside the enclosure.

Check the link below to know more about this.

You’re suggesting this user void their warranty by opening their MyCloud enclosure, replacing the Red drive with a Purple drive, and blowing the firmware image onto it…?

This is the single-bay forum. Not a multi-bay forum.

Hi cpt_paranoia ,

Mistakenly posted. I realized it later that its a single bay forum.

For the heck of it, I have a 4TB WD Purple that I am just using for regular storage in my server. I have a MCM for limited backup on my network, it is too slow at 1GB to be full backup. For full backup, I use an 8TB USB 3.0 Seagate situated off my main hot laptop.

Can I establish an FTP address for the WD Purple unit to connect it to cameras using some kind of CCTV or other system?


This subforum is for the My Cloud devices which are network attached storage devices. They are not individual desktop hard drives that go inside computers or similar devices. If one has a WD My Cloud they can enable FTP through the My Cloud Dashboard and configure their CCTV system, if the system supports FTP, to use FTP to save recordings to the My Cloud.

If you need help with an internal WD drive see the following WD Support Subforum:

Thank you for your rather curt reply. I just happen to have a My Cloud Mirror system that I did not know could use to connect to a CCTV system but I learned that here. I try to be a very helpful and courteous person to all others so I do appreciate the same from others.

I like the MCM but the connection speeds are too slow, reason that I use an attached 8TB Seagate external back up plus hub system for its USB 3.0 speed.

Bye Bye and thank you,

Please note that we here are end users such as yourself, not WD employees. Your initial post is somewhat confusing. Your post indicates you have a 4TB WD Purple that your using as regular storage in “my server”. Is that “server” the My Cloud Mirror or some other “server”? Your post then indicates you have a 8TB USB 3.0 Seagate drive connected to your laptop. It is not clear where, what or how exactly the Purple drive is connected.

As my prior post indicated if you have a My Cloud device you can enable FTP through the My Cloud Dashboard which may allow certain CCTV systems to save or record directly to the My Cloud or to any USB drive attached to the My Cloud’s USB port. How the CCTV device accesses FTP and what it can save via FTP is solely the function of the CCTV system. The My Cloud will simply act as a FTP server and receive any data the FTP client (within the CCTV system) sends.

The My Cloud device typically creates a Share for what ever USB hard drive is connected to the USB port on the My Cloud. If one wants to save, via FTP, content to that USB drive Share, one would configure the FTP client software of the CCTV system to save or record to that Share or a folder within that Share. One could configure to FTP client to use a specific remote directory (the USB drive Share name) on the My Cloud.

The dedicated My Cloud Mirror subforum may have additional discussions specific to the Mirror device and using FTP:

WD Support has a knowledgebase article on configuring FTP access with a My Cloud:

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