USB Share is Changing back to public

Hello together,
After a lot of days with trial and error I want to publish my issue here. I connected a external USB drive at my EX2 and changed the settings for this USB share to privat. Each morning all setttings for this USB share are replaced by default, even it is public now. Is there any fix for this? I dived deep for a solution, even in SSH. May the problem is caused by a daily USB backup, wich I configured by SSH. But I can’t reproduce the issue by myself by rebooting only. Remove the USB drive and reconnect will don’t reproduce the failure too.
It’s not accepatble to switch back to public, some non-public-shares will be copied to the USB drive each night…
I know, a similar Problem at MyCloud 1-bay some years ago was fixed by Firmware.
May somebody can help?

Perhaps it would be best to contact WD Support about this. You can do so in the following link: