USB Hub Recommendations

I am running a 6Tb My Cloud and understand USB Hubs may allow up to 7 other drives to be added. I have a few I would like to add and I did a search in here to see how it is working for others but all the posts I found were people with problems and no real solutions.

Does anyone have a USB Hub working, and working well, with My Cloud? If so, what hub are you using?


As explained in another recent thread (link below) I am usually able to get at least five devices recognized and mount by the My Cloud using an old Belkin 7 port USB hub. Further in that thread I show that it is possible to have seven items detected but I had problems with the seventh device where it wouldn’t say mounted for more than a few seconds. My speculation in that thread was possibly power draw of the other devices was causing the seventh device to intermittently mount.

Chances are there will be no definitive list because of the wide variety of USB hard drives and flash drives there are out there and the fact that in certain cases those devices may draw more (or less) power than the USB specifications call for and USB hubs may put out more or less power (per port) than the USB specifications call for. What USB hub works for one person may not work for another.

Another issue I’m coming up against is the drive size limit through USB hubs, as most are saying a 1-2 TB limit.

What USB hub are you looking at that has a hard drive size limit? Typically it is the USB drive enclosure/adapter itself that has the hard drive size limit and NOT the USB Hub that the enclosure/adapter is connected too. Typically all a USB Hub does is pass along the traffic, it shouldn’t care about the size of the hard drive in the USB enclosure/adapter.