USB drive indexing?

My MyCloud 3TB is working fine on when I only use the internal drive, but when I attach a set of USB drives via a USB hub the system locks.

I have four 2 TB USB disks with 1M+ media files (mainly short .wav and .mp3 analytic stuff), and these will change frequently. I suspect that the MyCloud is doing scanning and indexing, but I don’t need that, as I will always access media manually. 

Any ideas/suggestions?

deactivate the Media option for these shares that are on the USB drive(s) or open Twonky Config pages on port 9000 - type into the browser http://:9000 - and deactivate the USB shares within the folder list to scan.

Hi Joerg,

Thx for the answer - unfortunately it didn’t seem to do the job. Instead I have lost access via the Dashboard (I can still access Twonky) - could I have changed the wrong settings?