MyCloud added contents of attached USB device


I have set up a brand new MyCloud device, which is currently empty.

I also attached to it a WD external hard drive via USB, which I have previously been using for Windows File History backups. This was solely to get that hard drive on the network (previously I manually plugged it directly in to my laptop to run File History about once a week) to make running File History easier.

I now see that somehow, MyCloud has imported any music, photos or video that’s on the external hard drive in to folders in the file explorer. They are bizarrely sorted.

I do not want this. How can I prevent the MyCloud device from accessing anything on the external hard drive which I only want to use for my File History backups?

Thanks for any help


First, you haven’t done so already you may want to take some time to read through the My Cloud User Manual ( which explains how to use a USB hard drive attached to the My Cloud.

Second, access the My Cloud Dashboard > Shares page to set the various Share options on the USB external drive Share. Chances are you have Media Serving enabled which causes the My Cloud Media Server to scan the attached USB drive for media to stream to DLNA clients on the local network. Set Media Serving to Off should remove any scanned media from the My Cloud Media Server database.

Thanks so much for your reply. Of course! So simple, I turned off media serving on that USB device and that seems to have worked!