USB Backup


When performing a USB Backup, does it backup the whole drive, including any other users and all folders or just the WD Sync folder? Model My Cloud, firmware 2.21.111. The drive has run without any problems since install, about 28 months.
Thanks for the help.


@Danny_Shamoon If you are using WD Sync you need to look at the User Manual, Chapter Four and Chapter 12 for USB information.


If the Backup feature of the v2.x firmware doesn’t perform like you want it to, one option is to hack the My Cloud firmware and create your own backup system using Rsync. This would allow you to backup specific folders/Shares and to do so at specific times. There is discussion on how to do so with the first gen v4.x firmware in the following thread. Chances are one could probably do something similar on the second gen v2.x firmware.


I’m already using the WDSync for backing up my Windows documents. Maybe I stated the question wrong. I was looking for a way to backup the cloud storage to a USB device connected to the cloud. As a safe backup in case the My Cloud has a failure. Does that make sense? I’ve read that off site storage will not backup a cloud device, is this correct? I just want to have some kind of secondary copy just in case of… because I have 2 other shares on the Cloud.


I think WD did away with “Safepoint backups” to attached USB devices on the gen2 hardware… Rsync will happily sync local folders with each other however, so the linked discussion Bennor gives is still applicable.

rsync is already baked into the mycloud even. You just need a way to get it to fire at regular time intervals.


WD revamped the backup feature on the 2nd Gen and calls it Backup rather than Safepoint. They also removed some of the options that Safepoint had when they coded the Backup feature in the 2nd gen.


Syncing files to the My Cloud is not the same as backuping files to the My Cloud. Generally syncing files ensures that the files in both locations are the same. Where as a backup is copying files from one location to another.

The Backup feature in the My Cloud v2.x Dashboard will backup the My Cloud to a USB hard drive attached to the My Cloud.

Another option is to use third party software to sync, backup, mirror, files on the My Cloud to another location. Like a USB hard drive attached to one’s computer on the local network. Free File Sync ( is one such free program that some of use. I use it to mirror files from the My Cloud to USB hard drives attached to several PC’s in addition to the My Cloud itself backing up to a USB hard drive attached to the My Cloud USB port.


THANKS to all for the help. I appreciate the support that’s given here.