Upgrading Hard disk size

I currently have a 6TB mirror and thinking of getting some large WD disks to put into unit.

How does one go about changing the drive so the data is coppied from existing drive to the new inserted drive. ?

(off course this will have to be done one at a time so matched pair are eventually in place).

I would also want to delete the data off the older smaller drives as well if possible using the mirror.

I use raid 1 mode.

Hi there,

You can check on this link on how to replace the units drives, hope this helps you out:


Regarding erasing the drive i would recommend putting them on a computer and writing zeroes to them in case you don’t want the data inside.


There is nothing in there though that tells you what to do about upgradinf the hd size.

ie from 3tb to 4tb.

how is this done if in raid 1 ?