Upgrading from My Cloud Mirror to WD PR4100 NAS

I currently own a My Cloud Mirror with two 2TB WD “Red” drives. The unit is set up in RAID 1 configuration and has performed flawlessly. I’m in the process of purchasing a WD PR4100 4-bay NAS that is diskless at time of purchase. My question is, I’m basically just wanting to increase the number of drives I have in RAID 1 configuration from 2 to 4 drives by using the PR4100. Can I just switch the two drives that are mirrored from my My Cloud Mirror into the PR4100 and then add the two additional drives I’ve bought to the new PR4100? Will the two additional two 2TB Red drives mirror the first two? I’m basically wanting the same type of NAS with just the extra two drives for mirroring purposes. Will I lose my data if I do this or will the PR4100 accept the data already on the drives and mirror the other other two drives to the first two? Any info is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

@ghosttwofive Yes you can move 2 RAID 1 drives to a PR4100. Please check the following article for more details.

Moving Hard Drives From a My Cloud Enclosure to Another My Cloud Enclosure (RAID Roaming)

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