Move drives from My Cloud Mirror Gen 2 -> PR4100?

I have a My Cloud Mirror Gen 2 and wanted to move to a PR4100. Can I just pop the drive into the pr4100 and retain all my data?
I know probably not but wanted to see if anyone knows if it can be done.

Short answer: Likely not.

Long answer:
Back it up. . .then just pop in BOTH drives (if they were raid 1).
It should come up as “raid roaming” on the PR4100. Look up Raid Roaming on the WD support pages.

It just might work.
Let us know if it does.

I’m trying to decide if I want the Pr4100 or EX2 ultra too replace my old & slower gen 2.
Last year I had a drive in the gen 2 give up the ghost and I upgraded to 4tb nas drives. II would be nice to just move those to something faster an I was thinking about the diskless PR4100.
Now I just need to decide.

Well. . .the basic question is 2 bay vs 4 bay right?

The software will be basically the same across all three models; but EX2 is faster. . .and the PR4100 is faster still.

(When last faced with this deicison I went with Brand S** to get a software upgrade)