Upgrading built in Twonkymedia

I need to upgrade Twonky to support newer devices. I have that all working, and a nice script that copies the latest 8.5.1, the licence token, and makes the modifications to database locations so it doesn’t fill up the internal storage. All good, and I can use it as the product is intended to be used.

When I reboot, all the changes are reverted, and we have to use the old version of Twonky that is no good.

Are the any tricks on how to get a user script to run on reboot to copy back my mods each time? I am thinking there must be some writable data somewhere, or some script I can patch. Perhaps create an app that does the mods? I have managed to update a few apps with custom apps, so it must be possible to craft an app that is just an init script? Any one done such a thing?

There is alot of confusing information on these forums, especially regarding Gen1 and Gen2 devices (as it a appears a Gen 1 Mycloud Mirror, appears to be similar in OS lockdown to a Gen 2 MyCloud).

I am running what I think is v4 OS (please correct me if I am wrong), with 2.12.127 firmware

Packaged up a complete and working Twonkymedia 8.5.1 app for MyCloudMirror (Gen1). Disable the built in server (under settings), this updated one can be installed via the apps, and it’s standalone. You need a license key from Lynx Technology, as it’s much newer than the WD OEM Packetvideo version.

Configuration isn’t copied across, it uses it’s own database, so make sure you copy down your settings before disabling the old and installing the new. Will post a link to the package file once I have fully tested is across reboots, and clean installs and long runs.

Package tested, download it here.

Remember MycloudMirron Gen1 only. If someone wants to build for other models, PM me for details on how to build and test.

Feedback welcome.

Had some problems with the standalone app (not sure if it’s just me), but the server stops after a few days. I would like to get to the bottom of it, as this is the most elegant solution. The server shuts down due to a SSDP timeout (if anyone knows how to fix this, I am really keen to hear from you).

2020-06-08 03:25:57:488  14295654 [Info] - LOG_SYSTEM: upnp_control_loadDeviceInfo : Using location instead of
2020-06-08 03:25:57:488  14295571 [Info] - LOG_SYSTEM: deleteDevice_locked : removing server <null>/uuid:55076f6e-6b79-1d65-a407-0090a9f2c19b
2020-06-08 03:25:57:500  14295134 [Info] - LOG_SSDP: SSDP_byebye_packet_impl : ### SSDP sending:
LOG_SSDP: heartbeat_exit : SSDP heartbeat stopped at
...Lots of shutdown messages...

As a result of this problem, until I get it fixed (I suspect a scheduled task is killing the server, or something it relies on). I have created a patcher application, that uses the built in server, on every boot, it kills the server, copies updated files and restarts it. Both apps achieve the same result, the latest version, but they do it in different ways.

This is the Patcher app: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CdyrNDY2uGfho41LOCKfuyim37v3n5R2/view?usp=sharing

A small update on this. I think that was a bug in Twonky, and it’s been fixed in 8.5.2. someone might want to build a package of that using my script.

Unfortunately I can’t as I no longer have mycloud. The service and support from WD is shockingly bad. I bought a Synology instead.