Firmware 5.04.114 upgrade to WDmycloudmirror no streaming

Today I installed Firmware 5.04.114 on my Wdmyclodmirror, I also installed an updated Twonky app 8.5.1-2 in the same process. Since the upgrade, about 5 hours ago, streaming stops after times 5-15minutes on all TVs (LG and Samsung) via DLNA. The DLNA shuts down and TV returns to broadcast. No error message appears. The NAS will stream to my laptop without interruption as it always has. Is this the WD NAS, or the Twonky Server, a DLNA incompatibility on BOTH makes of TV? Everything has worked fine for the past 3 years.

Any help/suggestions?

See the dedicated subforum for the My Cloud Mirror. This subforum (My Cloud) generally discusses the single bay/single drive My Cloud which is a different device and is not supported by WD’s OS5.

My Cloud Mirror

Edit to add: There now appears to be a specific OS5 subforum section ( with a My Cloud Mirror OS5 subforum.

My Cloud Mirror (OS5)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I do not understand what has happened here. I opened dashboard on my WDmycloud and a Notification there informed me a new OS was available. I installed the New OS and updated Twonky server automatically. Now the video streaming disconnects after a few minutes. The REAL problem seems to me that I have a GEN 1 machine --it is impossible for me to see which machine I have from the pictures on your website…they appear identical. My product number is P/N WDBWVZ0120JWT-20…this seems to be a My Cloud Mirror not a GEN 2 device. (My Amazon receipt does not include the word Gen 2…but then neither does the picture on your website) How did your software installer manage to install an OS which according to you does not work on my machine? And why was I invited to install the software by the dashboard notice? After installation all my content was visible, it simply would not stream. (I have approximately 4.6TB data on this drive, it is not feasible with the very slow upload speed I have to back this up to the cloud.

In an effort to fix the problem I am now doing the “40 second reset”. The power light has been flashing blue for the past 43 Hours…should I keep waiting or give up? I have no access to the dashboard so no indication of progress other than flashing blue light. Is it safe to interrupt this reset?

If this is a My Cloud Mirror not a Mycloud Mirror Gen 2, ie not the right OS, can I manually reinstall the previous OS?

Please help me
Gary Rush

Please note that this support forum is mostly user to user. Most here are not WD employees.

Again, please see the dedicated subforum for the My Cloud Mirror in the OS5 section. This subforum, My Cloud, generally discusses a different My Cloud device that is not supported by OS5.

My Cloud Mirror

If you want to get support from an actual WD employee, see the Contact Us link on the Support page.

If you had the option to upgrade to OS5 chances are good you have a Gen 2 Mirror since the original gen 1 Mirror (per this link) is end of life and no longer supported and will not be supported by OS5.