I don't have a /twonkymedia directory!?

Something happened and can’t log into myMirror:9000 any more. I ssh in and go to the /CacheVolume directory but there is no /twonkymedia folder… any suggestions? Is it gone? Any thoughts would be great as I finally have a reason to use twonky on myCloud mirror and now it is not working.

To get the basics out of the way first - do you have DLNA enabled?

Go to the (main) dashboard and then Settings > Media and confirm the DLNA Media Server slider is set to ON.

Thanks for the reply!
Yes it is on. I’ve tried disabling and re-enabling it hoping it would do something useful. Whilst disabled I was not able to ssh in. I did find a /twonky directory in my usr/local dir. But nothing twonky in the /CacheVolume .

Under your shares, do you have any with Media Serving selected (under the shares menu, select the share(s) you want to share via DLNA and check it’s set to ON).

All I can think of is you can’t access the Twonky webserver page if there isn’t anything to serve perhaps. The stuff in the /usr folder is the actual utility/application files themselves, so nothing relating to the data served itself. There would be nothing in the cache if there’s nothing actually being offered by the server perhaps.

I’ve got shares ON and I can see all my files through every machine on the network. Nothing has changed in that regard. In fact it works great.
I used to be able to log into twonky with the :9000 bit in the web browser back when I really had no need for it. Now I do have a use for it: My sony reciever has a ‘home network’ option that says ‘Twonky server at xxx’ .
Thanks for all the help so far.

Hey! Twonky is back! I just needed to do a System only restore… I was chasing the wrong problem with the /twonkymedia directory thing. Don’t know what cased Twonky to vanish in the first place but it has returned.
Thanks for the help!