Upgraded firmware 1.12.14 and now can't connect to router

This is the second time I’ve downloaded the recommended firmware “upgrade” only to have it disconnect my TV Live box from my router. Last time, after SEVERAL attempts, it spontaneously started working again. This time however, I am still unable to connect to my router. Very frustrating. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to manually input the router connection info hoping it’ll connect, but NOPE.

What’s going on and how do I fix it???

Please help.



Try System->Device Reset->Reset All Settings Back to Factory Default ( restores all media player system
preferences and playback settings to their default factory values. This may correct
problems caused by a failed firmware upgrade or faulty configuration settings.)

It works fine here after the system reset had the same problem

Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately, that’s not working for me either. Reset it to factory defaults but it still will not connect to my wireless router. It worked fine for months. The only thing I changed was to update the firmware. This is so frustrating. I’m happy to try any other suggestions, please!!


Hi There, 

I’m getting exactly the same issue, can’t connect via WiFi or Wired though. If anyone can help that’d be great … it’s just a useless black box until then :(.


I’ve managed to fix mine now,

In a roundabout way. try the below, see how you go:

1.) goto  http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5860/ to download the last firmware, and install (instructions on the site)

2.) on v.1.11.4 I still had the same issue where the automatic set up just wouldn’t work. however, the manual set up does work. I used the following settings:

IP address: (My router uses 192.168.0.X range, and I have static IP’s already setup, you can replace the last digits for anything you like between 2-254)


Gateway: (My router’s IP)

DNS: (Same as my router)

I am using a wired connection, but this should work on a wird connection also.